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Sysone helps you become IT professionals by offering many certified training from Microsoft, Cisco, Symantec and Unix and other related areas of IT. Sysone also provides training outsourcing service as well to specifically meet the needs of particular companies by customizing coursework programs.
Sysone IT Training Center is dedicated to offer various coursework besides currently ongoing courses on Microsoft, Compaq, Cisco, Caldera and Linux such as Network and Programming Tool totaling 72 coursework. Most courses are vendors’ official curricula and upon request such coursework can be modified to fulfill more of real work situations for more effectiveness.
Sysone’s IT Training Center seeks more professionalism by hiring a full-time instructors. Active interactions and knowledge sharing among instructors make students possible to obtain broad range of course materials despite taking limited coursework. Certified and strengthened by full work experiences, instructors of Sysone IT Training Center will you gain knowledge, which you can directly practice at your workplace.
Considering rapidly and consistently upgraded IT industry, Sysone IT Training Center only runs small-sized classes in order to make every student making quick progresses and mastering coursework in a short period of time
As Sysone IT Training Center being a certified Prometric testing facility, it provides online testing services for Microsoft, Compaq, Cisco, Caldera, Linux and more. Upon request, testing vouchers can be prepared responsible for certification acquirement scheduling and evaluation reports and offering free testing trial.
Companies with internal program on talent development can join Sysone IT Training Center’s Membership and receive news on the newest course subjects and tests and can benefit from customized coursework and ‘Technical Seminar’ to upgrade abilities of employees.
As Microsoft RD (Regional Director), Sysone IT Training Center is always up-to-date on the latest Microsoft related news and technologies and hosts Microsoft Conference (DevDays, Site Builder Conference, Tech Ed and etc.) being a frontier and resource channel for Microsoft.
Sysone IT Training Center offers promotional courses for each subject also offering discount benefits upon course registration. The advantages of taking promotional course is that students can select to take desired courses upon their schedules.