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Located in Sunnyvale, California, Blue Coat Systems Inc. has the largest market shares in Content & Application Market (M/S: 70%; reference by IDC) having over 30,000 references in Web security and WAN/WEB acceleration devices and Blue Coat is also listed on NASDAQ.
And Sysone is proud to be an exclusive distributor of Blue Coat in Korea.
Internet Use Status & Control Solution
Blocking Spam Sites: Database of 58 categories and 18 million sites, Daily Updates
Preventing Information Leakage: Control of web mail, IM, Skype, Netro.com, P2P
SSL Proxy: Control of encrypted traffic (only available with Blue Coat)
Media Streaming Control: Control of downloading media files
Performance Improvement Solution
WAN acceleration : MACH5 : Only solution able of SSL and Audio/video acceleration
WEB acceleration : Reverse Proxy : Decreasing load and preventing attacks on web servers
Spyware/Virus Blocking Solution
Anti-spyware: Blocking spyware, Phishing, Phoning Home from gateways
Anti-virus: Top of the market
End Point Security Solution
SSL VPN: Next generation VPN via on demand method
PC Security BCWP: Preventing information burglary beyond control range
PC Security PA: Controlling Internet use beyond range
Korea Land Corp. (AV), Nat뭠 Health Insurance Corp. (RP), Shinhan Bank & Card (RP),
Ace Golf (Full), Korea Invention Promotion Assoc. (RP), LG Card (AS), AIG (Full), Volvo (CF),
Korea Finance Intelligence Unit (RP), Buy the Way (Full), Citi Bank (CF) - about 23 references
Bank of America, Citigroup, ABN AMRO, JP Morgan, US Army, US Air Force, GE, HP, IBM, Vodafone, Ericsson, British Telecomm, SingTel, NTT, Japan Telecomm, Toyota, Sony, Cannon, Denver Health, CIA, NSA, NASA - about 4,000 references
More than 30,000 units installed at clients’ sties
CC Certification: August, 2005 from the US Government
ICSA Certification:December, 2004
Tolly Certification:August, 2002
With intelligent switches, CISCO provides you with more advanced features besides basic bandwidth and connections helping to solve problems related to new network demand. Sysone handles all product line-ups from CISCO while serving as Business Partner.