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To maximize utility and stability, there is Sysone’s integrated IT Service Brand, PRIMOS.
Timely manner and adaptability are compatible due to rapidly changing IT trend. It is necessary to have a quantitative analysis on quality of IT service repair and maintenance and most optimal and customized service must be provided. It is an appropriate time to transfer form e-business to u-business while restricting an increase of TCO regarding IT infrastructure.

With 40 years of history in IT infrastructure supply, repair and maintenance, Sysone is a pioneer in IT service sector having required know-how, qualified technical workforce, experiences, vase database and accumulated confidence and trust from diverse client base. Based on these kinds of strengths, Sysone is capable of understanding and analyzing various needs of client and providing the most optimal service product in accordance with each case. Sysone is very confident to introduce multilateral and comprehensive IT Service Brand, PRIMOS.