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Outstanding security technology - FortiGate™ of Fortinet offers the finest integrated security package, which includes all of firewall, VPN, anti-virus, intrusion detection/prevention, web filtering, anti-spam, anti-spyware, QoS, etc. in either integrated or independent forms. Unlike other security solution, FortiGate™ contains all possible security functions in one platform to detect and prevent threats on network.

As Fortinet has provided the finest package to customers and was awarded with “The Best Security Product” among many other prizes. Fortinet is also a pioneer in developing a market for UTM (Unified Threat Management) and is a only provider of ASIC hardware accelerated operation processor. Sysone’s security product is linked with FortiGuard security service in order to provide the best value and high efficiency for enterprises, MSSP and SMB users and such package is unparalleled to other singular security product out in the market.

The highest level of network security structure - All of main security applications of Fortinet and FortiGuard Service together provides “real-time update” and security solution for information of enterprises. Fortinet is able to perform the fastest updates via globally distributed FortiGuard network and prepared for 360º, multi-directional security structure generating logging and reports, which fulfill the requirements of enterprise security control. Fortinet also offers anti-virus protection and contents filtering separation functions and with just subtle modifications, users can further integrate existing firewall, VPN and others to more product line-ups
Sysone serves as Platinum Partner for Symantec and provides Managed Anti-Virus Service with an exclusive sales right of SAVCE (Symantec Anti Virus Corporate Edition).

With installation of SAVCE (Symantec Anti Virus Corporate Edition) into clients’ servers or PCs, Managed Anti-Virus Service provides 24-7 technical supports including constant SAVCE updates and control of anti-virus and anti-spyware via a control center.

- 24-7 technical support on standby from a control center
- Fast updates through Sysone’s main server
- Monthly reporting service
Having long standing experiences and technologies, Sysone builds and operates Intelligent Surveillance Solution. With systematic and stable operations, Sysone meets every aspect of fast growing security market to empower competitiveness of individuals and enterprises. What ISS (Intelligent Surveillance Solution) does is to protect assets and information of individuals and enterprises by inter-connecting software and hardware, detecting and preventing threats and risks in real-time for swift countermeasures.
NVSS (Network Video Surveillance Solution)
- Real time video surveillance, analyzing/preventing the cause of accident, two-way communication
IVAS (Intelligent Video Analytics Solution)
- External Intrusion Surveillance, Restricted Area Surveillance, Baggage Burglary Surveillance,
  Store Burglary Surveillance, Visitor Count, Accident Protection
BIOS (Biometrics Solution)
- Attendance & Potable Water Management, PC Security Certification, e-passport, e-identification,Access Control
RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)
- Logistics Automation Management, Location Positioning System (LPS), Production Automation Management,
  Document/Archive Management, Access Control
Sniper IPS is a highly effective Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) detecting various forms of attacks, analyzing, and protecting irregular packets, which provides very stable network security technologies. Sniper IPS is widely recognized for its stability and technologies after passing BMT by government, public institutions, ISPs, finance sectors, big enterprises and etc.
Necessity and Effect of Implementation
As e-business and e-commerce rapidly growing, there are more threats on leakage of users’ personal information, distortion of homepages, finance fraud, etc. all due to hackings. In most cases, the hackings are done through open and public homepages rather than directly on systems.
Therefore, it is difficult to prevent hackings with IDS (Intrusion Detection System), IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) and common firewalls. ..Hacking attacks through web is continuously developed and increasing. There are approximately 4,000 methods widely known of hacking attacks on web and still counting. Common and ordinary users in general always have to anxious about possible hackings and somewhat prepared for them. When attacked while in a vulnerable stage, there could be a series of disasters such as leakage of personal, financial, customers’ information surly including passwords and as well as interruption, damage of websites, deformation and deletion of data and so on. With products from MonitorLab, you will be prepared with the best hacking interception service, which will enable you to focus and continue on your successful business operation.