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Sysone is contracted to Oracle as OPN (Oracle Partner Network) and therefore is capable of prompt technical support via Metalink. In order to provide upgraded and differentiated services for repair and maintenance of various clients, Sysone has set up a separate ‘Oracle Support Team’ for focused services. All engineers in ‘Oracle Support Team’ are OCP certified. They are capable of handling back-up, migration, tuning and etc. of large- scale enterprise responsible for initial installation through repair and maintenance. For certain companies with customized services, the same engineers diagnose 5 times a year to advise areas of improvement and possible solutions and also interact with other engineers handling major Unix servers such as SUN, HP and IBM to broaden perspectives on ways to approach database.
Most users highly recommend Veritas for a middle software that handles stability between server and data. Sysone is also confident in the quality of Veritas after gaining numerous and various field situations from many clients. Sysone also leads users and engineers of Veritas in continuous training seeking technical improvement. For improving IT environment of clients in areas such as integrating database and web servers, duplicating WAS servers, storage back-up and cluster, Sysone prefers to choose Veritas.
Tuning is very critical for such environments with 3-Tier architecture and Veritas I3 is an approved tool for progresses in performance. With Veritas software and Sysone’s experiences and knowledge, Sysone is a reliable choice.
Sysone provides technical support and also sells all Microsoft products while being a MCP
(Microsoft Certified Partner).
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