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It requires tremendous time and effort for efficiently managing server, network and application, which are critical elements in improved customer service and increased IT technologies and system resources. And it is easily found that customer complaints directly resulting from undetected errors and delayed responses. This is because of applying some management tools to certain areas but overall status is not thoroughly managed. SysmanagerOne empowers you to effectively manage diverse IT resources.
Service Monitoring
Analysis of System Resource
Traffic and Web Service
History and Asset Management
Help Desk
The purpose of ITIMS is to achieve system implementation for registration of computing equipments, fast error handling via systemized work processes, implementation of actual and efficient IT resource management, error management system, repair & maintenance management.
The expectation of ITIMS is to actually apply to Sysone and KCC Information & Communication to build foundation for infrastructure management solution.
Sysone is focused to further enhance and develop ITIMS to link with SMS for integrated system performance and resource management and with ESM for security control integrated monitoring and with ERP for TCO.
status of equipments by locations
usage, registration/disposal
reserved equipments
real-time management
definition of hardware transfer process and system installation
life cycle management by equipment, preparation for future TCO management
4 necessary precautionary measures regarding IT environment as follow:
Preventing disasters of Software, System, Data Center and Restoration countermeasure
Disasters of data center leaves the other 3 countermeasures helpless. With the data center being very crucial above all, “FMS” can provide you solution.
FMS oversees managing of foundation for data center in areas such as electrical facility (rectifier, inverter, UPS, battery, etc.), ventilation facility (thermo-hygrostat, air conditioner, etc.), environment facility (temperature, humidity, noise, water leakage, fire, intrusion detection) in order to operate data center without stoppage or suspension
Detect and quickly respond to disasters of data center via various surveillance approaches
Avoid relying physical presence through real-time remote surveillance
DB processing of facility/environment stats and disaster occurring/settlement to produce analysis/reports
Providing basic information of capacity planning based on electric power / ventilation systems
Able systemize on management of asset and history via structuring management function
Establishment of centralized surveillance structure -> easy to build a integrated control center
Digital media archive serves as a basis for cross media with the current market expanding to a direction of multi-media, multi-channel and multi-function. Sysone provides necessary consulting and system for broadcasting archive system, which will suit media convergence environment through embodiment of multi work-flow.

This system is linked with CMS and MAM Solution to build a system for digital broadcasting environment and for successful project like this, Sysone provides suitable consulting starting from system design.
Archive System Structure