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Client's Needs
e-Newspaper includes news site, digital newspaper, newsletter, breaking news, survey creation and posting, SMS, customer management, reporter management, analysis CRM to meet client’s needs for online marketing
Feature Formation
Customer Management tool
verified by major Korean
government partments
This solution is currently providing service to government organizations such as Ministry of Food Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries, Ministry of Land Transport and Maritime Affairs, Korea Coast Guard, Ministry of Education Science and Technology and chosen by local governments like Seoul City and Inchon City are using this PCRM for their policy announcement and policy customer management and verified the efficiency and performance of the system.

Establish media(periodic, on demand material) for relationship with customer, and analyze reaction and suggestion.
For the news service, real time news site and online tabloid are provided to customer(subscriber) for better effective approach.

Internet news as a foundation, article management, special/general customer management, various media(newspaper, news letter, breaking news, survey, SMS) production, mass sending and analysis features are available at one-stop log in solution.

PCRM(Policy Relationship Management) is not limited to government departments or local government private enterprise’s news based dynamic web site, news letter system, special customer management marketing tool
System Feature
  • Able to register reporters from all over the world to receive articles.
  • One article database is able to be posted on all the media available such as real time news site, digital news paper, news letter.
  • Simple input mode and web editor mode is provided for high-level news body page.
  • Registered articles follow policies of actual medial organizations’ for qualification to be arranged on media material.
  • Not only general news letter but tabloid digital newspaper, breaking news, online multi survey creation is available.
  • Automated updates to establish media with article adoption and real time news site.
  • Integration of periodic and frequent media operation service.
  • Organized management by subscriber, special customer, CP, and desk.
  • Special customer sets up to 4 low rank level on a category, and is a opinion leader group.
  • Desks are assigned to enable manage own customer
  • Reading stats, reader stats can be provided on broadcasted media, and used for 2nd marketing.
  • Analysis by location, category, and job in very details with graphs.
  • e-Newspaper System
  • System Environment:
  • OS Linux, Unix. Language PHP
    DBMS MySQL(Oracle, InfoMix)
  • System Specification:
  • Dual CPU or more, SCSI HDD 72G or more, RAM 1G or more(Recommend 2G)
  • Security Assurance:
  • A server with above requirement, can serve up to 150,000 customers’ analysis, and security of mailing.

    ※ Most users operate the server as separate system from their existing system.
  • Ministry of Food Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries:News media, PCRM
  • Ministry of Land Transport and Maritime Affairs:News media, PCRM
  • Korea Coast Guard:News Media
  • Ministry of Education Science and Technology:Customer Management, PCRM
  • SBS Production:Website, News letter, Customer management service
  • Yoido Research:Hannara Party policy research center, policy customer news letter service
  • Education information Newspaper:News site, News letter, Digital newspaper service
  • Chosun Daily U-Media Club:Website, U-Newsletter Service
  • Seoul City:Digital newspaper
  • Inchon City:Digital newspaper
  • Chungnam, Chonahn City:Digital newspaper
  • Seoul, Gumchon-Gu:Digital newspaper