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Introduction of SecureOne
SecureOne, Managed Security Service is end-to-end security service provided by over 50 information security experts 24/7 to maintain customers’ system secure. SecureOne provides customized service to meet each customer’s needs and circumstances for the best quality of security service.
SecureOne Features
  • Increase security level by access control feature which prevents illegal access from outside for server or network
  • All in one hardware device takes a role as first gateway to protect internal network
    - Use of firewall protects cracking while maintaining high-level network performance
    - Apply optimized firewall rule set
    - Apply Most recent hacking and/or cracking protection technique
  • Unified Threat Management (UTM)
  • UTM provides security service that strengthen security level by blocking origin of vulnerable bad traffic for host or network. Use of UTM protects cracking while maintaining high-level network performance.
    - Firewall/IDS/IPS : Blocks virus attack
    - Antivirus Gateway (Blocks infected e-mails, etc.)
    - SPAM Block, WEB Filter, VPN
  • Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS)
  • All in one hardware device that observes on sessions that passed firewall, and tracks/protects/alarms on invalid access and detects hacking real time. Tracks intrusion and detects security events real time, and sends notice messages.
    - Provide security reports
    - Security policy support and apply most recent hacking and cracking protection
  • Web Application
  • Service that protects invalid access or vulnerabilities on web application and enables reinforced security level
    - Detects and protects attacks on web application that other devices could not
    - Protects from popular web hacking from China and etc.
    - Web vulnerability check->Web security device study mode->Web security device protection mode -> Web vulnerability inspection->Supplement
  • SecureOne ISAC (Information Sharing Analysis Center)
    - Analyze real time on monitoring signature from customer, and provides stats of intrusion and vulnerability information in category on web for searching.
    - Provide security manager a ISAC access for sharing information, and reporting new vulnerabilities.
    - All service process available on web interface
    - Real time monitoring on each server and port
    Providing Solution
    Firewall, UTM, NIDS, DB Encryption, ESM, IDS, IPS, Web Firewall, AntiVirus, TMS, RMS, Vulnerability Scanner(Web, Network), Anti-Ddos and so on
    KCC I&C has partnerships with world’s best class vendors for our customers to have the highest quality of security service.
    Customer Pool
    SecureOne has customers in every market requring high level secuirty on their system including government, education, broadcasting, finance, defense, enterprise and so one. SecureOne now serves over 400 customers including many major information sensitive organizations. The number of customers has increased every quarter since the beginning of the business.
  • Korea Telecom
  • SBS
  • MBC
  • KBS
  • YBM Si-Sa
  • Korean Railway
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Korea Immigration Service
  • Kyunghee Cyber University
  • Korea University
  • Shinpoong pharmaceutical
  • Culture and Arts Council Korea
  • Lotte Home Shopping
  • Barunson Games
  • Honda
  • Nissan
  • Maeil Business Newspaper
  • Seoul Culture and Arts University
  • Constitutional Court of Korea
  • Financial Services Commision
  • Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology