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SysmanagerOne is
SysmanagerOne is a integrated system management solution, verified by many customers. SysmanagerOne provide simplified operation and management of servers. It helps IT managers to maintain stable managing of their system.
Special Features
Integrated System Monitoring
  • Various service error recognition method (Port Check, Number of process, Log file analyze)
  • Prompt reporting service on errors of system and/or service (E-MAIL, SMS)
  • Set critical level on each error
  • Various monitoring method provided (SYSLOCK TOOLBAR, Web-based)
  • System Performance Analyze
  • Real time analyze on over 50 categories of performance information on server and/or service
  • Analyze on error through accumulated data analyze
  • Rich performance of data provided to show performance chart of system
  • Process Tracking Analysis
  • Track and analyze by process
  • Track and analyze by user
  • Real Time Web Log Analysis
  • Real time track on web log files which is updating constantly for analysis
  • Various real time analysis result provided ( Per hour accumulated visit, Per minute hacking analysis, and more analysis)
  • Web service on L/4 Switch device, and when load balancing activates, real time load balancing states provided in graphs
    Real Time Traffic Analysis by SNMP
  • Incoming/Outgoing performance analysis by SNMP
  • Server performance information helps predict system extension point
  • Help Desk
  • Search and management on errors, operation logs and etc.
  • Reporting (Provided in Word and/or Excel)
  • Analysis reports provided by categories of Server performance information
  • Daily, monthly, quarterly, server operation analysis reports provided
  • SysmanagerOne User Interface
  • Simple design for easy operation
  • Convenient options for efficient process
  • Agent Dash Board provided
  • Customers of SysmanagerOne varies from government departments to large enterprise. All customers require wellmanaged system for efficiency of their work operation force. Increase number of customers qualifies the quality of the solution.
    Customer Pool
  • Office of the President
  • Arts Council Korea
  • Multifunctional Administrative City Construction Agency
  • Busan City
  • Dang Jin City
  • Ulsan City
  • Asan City
  • Hongsung City
  • Chung Nam City
  • Public Officials Benefit Association
  • Korea Bidding
  • Korea Sports Promotion Foundation
  • Credit Consulting & Recovery Service
  • Broadcasting
  • Seoul Broadcasting System
  • Korea Broadcasting System
  • Enterprise
  • Samsung Heavy Industry
  • S&T Daewoo
  • Hankook Tire
  • Korea Electronic Power Corp
  • Ticket Link
  • Shinsung
  • Honda Korea
  • siIDC
  • Sunwoo
  • iNet Hosting
  • Web Prime
  • Damonet
  • Insunet
  • Barunson Games
  • Blue Web
  • Korea Electronic Power Corp
  • Hi Capital
  • Education
  • Chungnam University
  • Daegu Health College
  • ChangWon University
  • KyungSang University
  • Busan University
  • Han Nam University
  • KyungHee Cyber University
  • Chungdahm Learning
  • Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology