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Sysone being a Platinum Authorized Reseller for NetApp, sells H/W such as NAS and VTL and DR Solution. Founded in 1992, Network Appliance is a leader in simplified data management and provides perfect storage management for open network architecture including hardware, software and service. Currently some of big names in industries such as Citicorp Securities, Lockheed, Merrill Lynch, Oracle, Texas Instruments, Yahoo!, etc. are main clients of NetApp using global data management solution.
Sysone is a business partner for Overland Storage.
Imaginary storage of Overland:
- Changing of physical storage or expanding of adjusting storage capacity without downtime
- Possible economic operation of storage by storage provisioning and reducing cost and complexity
- Simplifying complicated storage resource management
- Unlimited data snapshot for immediate restoration of important data
- Data restoration at a point of system failure
- Duplicating imaginary storage data to local or remote area for improved utility and restoration
Tape Library Products
Tape Library Products
Recently, there are many cases of personal customer data leaked to outside due to missing of tape media and storage and even worse, internal hacking. Because of threats like this, roughly 90 million customers had to suffer from being disclosed costing about 14 million dollars of damage. Most commonly security takes a place in service networking of servers and own security within networks but storage networking itself is very vulnerable and exposed to threats.

Thus there are illegal use of stored data in terabyte scale and unapproved approaches to data, which must be protected in enterprise market. At the same time, system administrator feels limits in relying on appliance and solution based on software of data encryption that the ultimate destination to solve this problem is to adopt storage security service.

Products from CipherMax is definitely an innovation. High expandable architecture enables security administrator to encrypt large-capacity data in relation to network performance or storage operation without a load. High speed encrypted engine serves as one system with equivalent performance of multiple encrypted appliances. Processing can adjust to the needs of the environment dispersing from 16 port to 256 port. FC switch with integrated SAN management function has error correction feature and provide any-to-any composition for flexibility and minimum TCO. Ciphermax provides the only solution, which can expand to the needs of high capacity data storage network in accordance with application of security or system manageability and encryption feature.

With extensive experiences of providing services in integrated security solution, storage and servers, Sysone can offer highly demanding services of storage networking security.
NexSan Technology focuses on developing core technologies for storage headquartered in Log Angeles, California and operating two laboratories for STAT and CAS storages in UK and Canada respectively. With successful development of STA/SATA storage, NexSan was awarded “Best Enterprise Storage” prize in COMDEX by first in the world to introduce the idea of D2D(Disk to Disk) proving its pioneering technologies. NexSan also made it compatible for both SAN environment or conventional TCP/IP network environment by enabling to concurrently support FC and iSCSI in one controller.

Predicting a future market, NexSan prepared Assureon Storage in fixed contents storage sector. NexSan is confident that fixed contents storage with encrypted asymmetrical data, saving original copy and life cycle management will grow as the largest disk storage sector. And after having all these features, NexSan is able to provide such storages at a reasonable price.
Restoration becomes inevitably more critical to IT environments of enterprises. There are more possibilities of greater risks due to very complicated equipments, systems, network, etc. therefore any restoration plan becomes more complex as well.

Sysone’s restoration solution guarantees a continuity in business to provide constant IT services to customers even if faced with unforeseen accidents and disasters. Based on pre-approved hardware, software, various consulting and methodologies, Sysone helps clients to maintain business stability by earning confidence and credibility from customers.
Sysone serves as IBM’s BMPA providing a broad range of services: analyzing clients’ system operational status, diagnosing current problems and possible improvement, introducing the most up-to-date market trend for adopting new strategic technologies and calculating the most optimal ROI point. Sysone also seeks increased stability, utility and productivity by centralization and automation of system operation and management and integrating multiple systems.
Main Features
- IT Assessment
- Analysis of Business Impact
- Design of restoration System
Main Services
- Restoration scenarios by level of accidents
- Restoration System Operation Service for Lifetime