MSP(Managed Service Provider)

Intoducing dAta Center Business

· SysOne's siIDC operates over 400 stores in KT-ICC in Mok-dong and 10 stores in Sejong Telecom in Yeoksam-dong.

· SiIDC service outsources the customer's IT field and focuses on core competencies to secure mutual competitiveness and increase profits.

· Provides ONE-STOP computer system construction to operation management.

· Provides the best service by over 250 professional engineers by major server vendors in the world, professional solutions in each field, and accumulated technology for 48 years.

IDC's physical facilities utilize telecommunications operator facilities, and SysOne provides customer-tailored services with a focus on IT services, the best advantage.

Data Center Business

From computer system construction to operation management with OneStop, the best IT technology accumulated over 48 years


  • IDC Service

    Co-Location & Server-Hosting and 13 additional services

    ‐ DR construction and operation
    ‐ Consigned outsourcing
    ‐ One-Cloud (KT)
    ‐ Security Service
    ‐ Backup service
    ‐ Integrated messaging
    ‐ HA-DR ASP
    - Monitoring solution (AIWAC)
    ‐ MS Rental License