AiWACS(IT Infra Monitoring)

Introducing ITOA Business

With the rapid development of IT technology and the rapid increase in the company's computing resources to improve customer service at home and abroad, a lot of effort was required to effectively manage the servers, network equipment, and applications that support it. Although it was applied, it is difficult to detect obstacles because it is not possible to grasp the overall business status or systematic management, and frequent complaints are received from customers due to late response.

AiWACS provides the best solution to effectively manage various physically and logically distributed IT resources based on rich system integration and control service construction experience. It is a system that integrates and manages various IT infrastructures such as servers, networks, and applications on a single platform. It maintains consistency of management policies through centralized management of IT infrastructures and provides user convenience and work efficiency.

We are expanding our business scope by doing business in various fields of public and general companies such as Shinpoong Pharmaceutical, Paju City Hall, Korea Fire Safety Agency, and Gyeongin Education University.

ITOA Business

Based on our rich system integration and control service construction experience, we provide the best solution to effectively manage various physically and logically distributed IT resources.



    Supports integrated fault detection and management system for various distributed IT resources by effectively managing and monitoring servers, network equipment, and applications as the company's IT technology and computing resources increase rapidly to improve customer service IDC Provide system architecture to respond to cloud environment


    The response to customer service in the aspect of IT infrastructure has a vulnerability that does not know the performance of the customer using the actual service, so it is impossible to improve the quality of the actual service or respond to customer satisfaction. In order to solve these problems, based on actual user service performance-based data, it provides a service that can accurately understand the current status of services felt by real customers and respond to problems and future service quality improvement.


Major Reference

SMS/NMS IT Infra Monitroing

Shinpoong Pharmaceutical

Korea Fire Safety Agency

Korea Productivity Center

Traffic Broadcasting

Korea Water Technology Certification Center

Gyeongin Education University

Chungnam National University

Paju City Hall