Gate & Access Control

Gate & Access Control

SysOne has developed face recognition based access control system with proven biometrics recognition technology which has been applied to the immigration and airport projects for last 30 years.. In particular, SysOne had successfully carried out project for access control system at major Korean Governemnt Complex for over 200,000 officials to use. SysOne built strong base to expand business in the biometrics system and related access control market.

SysOne provides safe and convenient access control service.

Face Recognition Gate

· Face recognition and RF card identification can be used simultaneously
· Face recognition camera and lens design / Face image storage
· Convenient registration / quick authentication
· Dual camera installation according to height


  • Sentry Walk Through Gate

    Sentry Walk Through Gate is equipped with facial recognition device on the gate door, which enables shorten time for identification of passenger and more accurate identification.

  • Sentry Access Control Facial Recognition Device

    Sentry Facial Recognition Device is developed for office access control use, and it is equipped with computer inside the device to provide powerful hardware functions which reduces authentication time and provide accurate recognition rate.

  • MBDAS(Multimodal Biometrics Data Acquisition System)

    MBDAS is an integrated device which allows to collect facial, fingerprint, iris and authenticate / certify fast and accurately.

  • MBACS(Multimodal Biometrics Access Control System)

    MBACS is an access control system that allows fast and accurate authentication of face recognition and RF card identification at the same time. Face recognition technology provides high security and convenience compared to contact type and can be applied to various solutions and applications. High quality device which enables to collect face and fingerprint data simultaneously.

  • Biometrics Identification Algorithm

    SysOne’s biometrics identification algorithm applied pretreatment algorithm to allow accurate identification performance, and recognition rate is over 98% with Deep Learning method.


Major Reference

Ministry of Public Administration and Security, Korea Airports Corporation, Blue House

Establishment of visitor access control system by the Presidential Guard

Purchase and installation of access control systems for Sacheon, Gunsan, and Wonju Airports

Purchase and installation of access control facilities for the new IT center of the Korea Development Bank

Purchasing and installing of access control system for government complex buildings