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In keeping with the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution, represented by 'super convergence' through the fusion of intelligence and information and communication technology (ICT), SysOne continues to develop and converge more 'smart' solutions and cutting-edge technologies by utilizing Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

SysOne will provide IoT-based solutions for the future smart industry.

IoT Solution

Smart Crosswalk System (Voice Care)


  • Smart Crosswalk System (Voice Care)

    By installing a pedestrian signal voice guidance device in the form of a bollard, it helps to prevent pedestrian traffic accidents with the voice guidance feature and the green signal pedestrian voice guidance feature to prevent unauthorized crossing of pedestrian crossing when the signal is red.


Major Reference

4 locations in Sejong City

20 locations at Seobu Elementary School in Samcheok City

64 locations inckuding Bomnae, Chuncheon, Namchuncheon, Soyang, and Jungand elementary school

14 locations near elementary school in Neungnae, Gunpo-si

12 locations in Anyang city including Deokcheoncho elementary school