Fortinet Security Fabric

  • Product Overview

    Security Focused Network Solution
    Provide wide range of security solution from IoT to Cloud environment
    Completed security verification through a testing organization

    • Network Security
    • Cloud Security
    • Application Security
    • Security Access
    • Security Operation (Forti SIEM)

Product Function



  • Protect and secure visibility for digital attack


  • Prevent AI-based infringement applied globally regardless of device, network, or application type


  • Operations, orchestration and response

Product Features

  • Advantages of FortiOS

    FortiOS is the foundation of the Fortinet security fabric, integrating numerous technologies and use cases into one simple policy and management framework. FortiOS provides customers with unparalleled protection, in-depth visibility and control, lowers complexity while increasing operational efficiency across attack vulnerabilities.

    • NGFW
    • SD - WAN
    • DCFW
    • SWG
    • IPS
    • VPN
    • ISFW
    • CCFW

  • Advantages of SPU Security Processor

    Fortinet security processors dramatically increase the performance, scalability, and value of Fortinet solutions, while significantly lowering the space and power requirements of CPU-based solutions.

    The importance of using SSL inspection is growing, but the performance of most firewall solutions is dramatically reduced. Fortinet's latest content processor (CPU9) offers superior performance threat protection and SSL inspection with minimal performance degradation compared to similar competitors.

Product Composition