MBACS(Multimodal Biometrics Access Control System)

  • Product Feature

    MBACS is an access control system that allows fast and accurate authentication of face recognition and RF card identification at the same time. Face recognition technology provides high security and convenience compared to contact type and can be applied to various solutions and applications. High quality device which enables to collect face and fingerprint data simultaneously.

    • Two face recognition cameras are installed to make it allow to detect passengers in height from 1m to 2m, and LED light is installed for users to easily and conveniently register and authenticate in bright or dark surrounding.
    • It conforms to the international standard (ISO19794-4) face recognition standard, and applies a face image pre-processing program of 480*640 pixels and a face recognition algorithm certified by KISA (Korea Internet & Security Agency).

제품 특징

  • Use Face recognition and RF card identification simultaneously

    • Access control gates that can be used by registered users by using face recognition and RF card identification at the same time

  • Convenient registration and authentication

    • Face registration and authentication is convenient and registration device MBDAS can be used to register face, fingerprint and RF card.

  • Authentication Time

    • Less than 1 second (1:40,000 Template)
      √ Subject to system specifications

  • Face recognition camera and lens design

    • Special camera and lens design optimized for face recognition (30 frames per second, WDR function, 90 degrees angle of view)

  • Dual camera for different height of user

    • Dual camera deployed for 1m-2m height users (Up-down +-45 degrees, left right +-45 degrees)

  • Capture facial image

    • Capture and store facial, fingerprint, image and RF card information
      √ Subject to system specifications