Airport & Border Control

Airport & Border Control

Major checkpoints in Korea such as Incheon International Airport Corporation, Gimpo International Airport Corporation, and Incheon Port have deployed more than 200 Sentry Automated Border Control e-Gates
Passport reading, fingerprint recognition, and facial recognition-based immigration management systems were applied to simplify and strengthen the immigration process.
Modularization by system function improves maintenance convenience and system scalability.

Incheon International Airport have won Airport Service Quality Award in 12 consecutive years.


Sentry is a brand for airport, access control, biometrics recognition related products. Sentry Airport products simplifies while strengthen the immigration process at the airport.


  • Sentry ABC e-Gate

    ABC e-Gate is optimized gate system for border management deployed all over the world at airport, port and land borders.
    SysOne, as immigration solution expert, developed its own global standard e-Gate system


    SysOne’s overall experience in immigration system including ABC e-Gate deployment to maintenance of the system helped build Sentry Immigration System Package.


Major Reference

Immigration Office(IncheonㆍSeoul)

Immigration ㆍForeigner information system maintenance and operation

Next-generation immigration administration system and foreign information standard linkage system

Establishment of passenger pre-check system

Police Agency Fingerprint Query System

Foreign fingerprint verification system operation

System for identifying foreigners suspected of transgression establishment